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Georgia Tech Dominates at Premier Conference for Parallel Processing News Kristen Perez 2020-02-12
Mostafa Ammar Named SCS Interim Chair News Tess Malone 2019-06-04
Interim Chairs to Guide Schools During Search Process News Ben Snedeker 2019-06-04
ML@GT Launch Event and Celebration Event Brittany Aiello 2017-04-14
SCS Recruitment Semiar: Jana Giceva, Customizing the System Stack for Data Processing on Modern Hardware Event Devin Young 2017-03-09
SCS Recruitment Semiar: Vladimir Kolesnikov, Enabling Data Sharing with Secure Computation Event Devin Young 2017-03-09
SCS Recruitment Semiar: Tianyin Xu, Hardening Cloud and Datacenter Systems Against Configuration Errors Event Devin Young 2017-03-03
SCS Recruitment Semiar: Fan Long, Learning How to Patch Software Errors Automatically Event Devin Young 2017-02-17
SCS Chair Agrees to Five-Year Extension News Devin Young 2017-02-17
SCS Recruitment Seminar: David Naylor, Privacy in the Internet (Without Giving up Everything Else) Event Devin Young 2017-02-10
Are Computer Chips the New Security Threat? External News Devin Young 2017-02-07
SCS Recruitment Seminar: Dan Ports, "Rethinking Distributed Systems for the Datacenter" Event Devin Young 2017-02-01
School of Computer Science Celebrates 10th Anniversary News Devin Young 2017-01-31
SCS Recruitment Seminar: Irene Zhang, "Improving Programmability and Performance for Mobile/Cloud Applications" Event Devin Young 2017-01-26
SCS Recruitment Seminar: Zakir Durumeric, "Data-Driven Security" Event Devin Young 2017-01-26