New GRA/GTA Payroll and Social Security Processing

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For the convenience of graduate students with on-campus employment, the Office of Human Resources offers a Payroll and Social Security Processing Session during the week prior to the beginning of classes.  Graduate Students who have Graduate Assistantships (GRAs, GTAs or GAs) must attend this event in order to submit documents for payroll processing and begin the “onboarding process.” Foreign nationals without Social Security numbers will also have the opportunity to apply for a SSN on-site. You do not need a Social Security Number in order to be hired by Tech, but you will need to provide OHR with your number when you receive it. See OHR’s website for instructions on how to prepare for your visit and complete the necessary forms.HR forms are available on OHR’s website and should be filled out ahead of time.  Leave items blank if you do not know the answers. You should bring the following to Payroll Processing: 
  • Current Passport plus 2 photocopies of biopage and visa stamp 
  • Original I-20 or DS-2019 plus 2 photocopies 
  • Original I-94 plus 2 photocopies 
Georgia Tech prefers that employees set up direct deposit (your paycheck is deposited directly into your personal bank account). It is recommended that you open a bank account before you complete Payroll Processing, if possible.


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