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We asked graduating seniors about their unique experiences at Georgia Tech.

Name: Brandie Banner
Hometown: Milton, Georgia
Major: Civil Engineering
Clubs/Involvement: SGA, FASET Orientation, Housing, Greek Life
What are you doing after you graduate? I will be doing Teach for America in Metro Atlanta when I graduate.

Q: As an undergraduate, you won Georgia Tech's InVenture Prize. How did that play into your Georgia Tech experience? 
A: My team (Team Sanivation) was fortunate to win first place and the People's Choice award the 2014 Inventure Prize. We designed a low-cost toilet called "SafiChoo" for refugees in Kakuma, Kenya. The toilet is designed to minimize fecal-oral contamination and help dehydrate the waste so it could be turned into charcoal. With the $25,000 from the Inventure Prize, I was the on-the-ground engineer piloting 10 of the toilets in Kenya over the summer!

Q: You were also the SGA vice president. How did you stay so invloved and complete your degree?
A: I got so involved on campus because I learned that the more I invested in Georgia Tech, the more I got out of it. I loved my time at Tech, and wanted to devote my time to making it a better place for other students as well. As a Georgia Tech student you learn the importance of balance — academics, involvements, social life, and health. It takes a lot of trial and error, but once you figure out a groove that works for you it is worth it!

Q: What's your advice to incoming students who want to make the most of their Georgia Tech experience?
1. Find something you're passionate about at Tech outside of academics and dive in! Whether it is the India Club, Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech, or Yellow Jacket Flying Club, there is something out there for everyone.
2. Learn the GT traditions early. It will make you love it here even more! My favorites are Midnight Bud, George P. Burdell, or swimming in the president's pool.
3. Take advantage of being on such a diverse campus. It is not everyday that you are around people from China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela! You have an incredible opportunity to learn from others and get outside of your comfort zone at Tech.



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