Georgia Tech Community Responding to the Earthquake in Nepal

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The recent earthquakes in Nepal have far-reaching impact on the world and our own Georgia Tech community. Nepali students here at Georgia Tech would like to share the message below: 

We are experiencing great anguish over the loss of lives and property in Nepal caused by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal. In addition to the nearly 5000 lives confirmed or feared lost, many things that Nepalese hold dear including historic monuments, temples, and shrines have been flattened by the quake. Tremors/aftershocks are still continuing and people have been forced to camp out in grounds and public spaces throughout the night. There is a severe shortage of essentials including food and water. 

Many Nepali students here at Tech have family members affected as well. We feel very helpless about our situation; being away from our family and not being able to help those who need our help the most. One way we are helping is by sending money through relief organizations working in Nepal. The Georgia Tech community can help in this effort. Every penny helps to bring water, food, medicine, and shelter to those who need help. 

Learn More
Nepali Club at GT is partnering with India Club in the wake of the Nepal Earthquake and will present information about Nepal and how to help in its recovery.

When: Wednesday, 4/29 from 11-2
Where: Student Center

Nepali Club-Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech India Club

Nepal Earthquake Relief Candlelight Vigil: Thursday, April 30th at 5:30 pm in Woodruff Park. More information here.

How You Can Help
There are numerous humanitarian groups providing aid in Nepal during this difficult time. If you are able to donate money, ensure that it’s going to an effective and efficient charity that has a good record of getting aid to those in need. This Public Radio International article lists seven charities currently helping in Nepal to which you can donate. 

If you consider giving to another organization, please ensure that the money will get to the people in need by checking the charity with Charity Navigator or another organization that rates charities.


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