The Physical Internet - GT Savannah Learning Series

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Sustainability Challenges and Solutions for Port Regions

Building Momentum toward a Smart Interconnected Era of Efficient and Sustainable Logistics, Supply Chains and Transportation

A lecture and discussion seeking to convey an understanding of Port Regions’ challenges with sustainability and other supply chain components in the face of continued growth, inadequate infrastructure and unsustainable inefficiencies. The Physical Internet concept is introduced as an emerging long-term solution to achieving a more sustainable global supply chain. The Physical Internet is an open global-logistics system founded on physical, digital and operational interconnectivity, through encapsulation, interfaces and protocols. The Physical Internet is intended to replace current logistical models.

Who Should Attend

  • Supply chain and logistics executives, managers
  • Government managers
  • Regional planners
  • Port operations managers
  • Manufacturers/retailers
  • Logistics service providers

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the challenges of maintaining a sustainable global supply chain in light of inadequate infrastructure and continued growth
  • Learn how the Savannah region will be impacted by sustainability challenges
  • Gain an understanding of the concept of the Physical Internet and what it implies for global trade and Port regions
  • Know the current state of global implementation of the Physical Internet
  • Gain an understanding of the components of the Physical Internet through visual simulation scenarios
  • Convey an understanding of how PI will impact ocean, road, and rail transportation and distribution center operations

The Instructor

Dr. Benoit Montreuil, Professor and Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair

About the PI Initiative

The Physical Internet Initiative aims at transforming the way physical objects
are moved, stored, realized, supplied and used; enabling economic, environmental and societal efficiency and sustainability breakthroughs by applying the Internet metaphor to the real world.


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