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Brown Bag Lunch


Putting Online Learning and Learning Sciences Together

Ashok Goel, School of Interactive Computing

 In Fall 2014, we developed an online version of CS7637: Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence, and delivered it as part of the Georgia Tech OMS in CS program. We deliberately attempted to incorporate several recognized pedagogical strategies such as problem-based learning, learning by example, learning by doing. In this talk, we will describe the design, development and delivery of the OMS CS7637 course. We will also compare the teaching and learning experiences in the online course with a parallel in-person course.

Team Based Learning in a Large Technical class

Jay Summet, College of Computing

In the Team Based Learning methodology, students work in 5-7 person teams to solve problems based upon the course learning objectives. Students are responsible for doing assigned readings before class (motivated by reading quizzes) and the majority of class time is spent working on application activity problems. Lecturing by the instructor is limited to answering questions posed by students and delivering targeted lectures when large numbers of teams are not able to solve an application activity.

We will discuss how this is implemented in a 200+ student sophomore level Computer Science class (CS 2200) along with student reactions and class performance.



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