How Jordan Uses Islam Against the Islamic State

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Lawrence Rubin, assistant professor in the Nunn School, is featured in today's Washington Post with an article written jointly with Michael Robbins. The article, "How Jordan Uses Islam Against the Islamic State," discusses Jordan's recent attempts to employ new policies intended to strengthen official Islam over the Islamic State.

If history is any guide, it is likely that Jordan’s recent measures to strengthen official Islam will be perceived as legitimate. Most Jordanians will be supportive because they fear the spread of the Islamic state’s ideas on their own soil. However, the state cannot overstep its mandate, despite the temptation to use brute force to prevent the spread of radicalization. Thus, Jordan should continue to employ new policies as a response to prevent and not to preempt so that public opinion is behind them. If Jordan follows this trajectory, these efforts are likely to further limit the ability of radical Islam to take hold within the kingdom.



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