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Georgia Tech’s Landscaping Office would like to invite everyone to take a break from studying and enjoy the green spaces on campus.  Now is a great time to have a picnic outside or play a game of Frisbee with friends.  Also, please help us keep these green spaces green by not cutting across the fields or landscaped areas to get to class. 

Continual trudging through the green spaces on campus causes erosion and paths to form.  Several areas on campus, including the Tech Green, have become heavily eroded due to pedestrian foot traffic.  Pedestrian traffic causes the soil to compact and prohibits plant growth.  Compaction of the soil on Tech Green also hinders water from seeping into the underground cistern.  Landscaping has recently put up new signs at these critical areas to remind everyone to use the sidewalks.  This will help keep the grass alive and in good shape for your recreational activities. 

So the next time you are about to take a short-cut through the grass or a landscaped area, please reconsider and use the sidewalks.  And then maybe after class come back, kick your shoes off, and enjoy being outside. 


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