Nunn School Prof Speaks on “Al Qa’eda and WMD Terrorism”

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Nunn School Prof Speaks on “Al Qa’eda and WMD Terrorism" 

On Tuesday, 20 March, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs Assistant Professor Margaret E. Kosal spoke at the Georgia Tech Alumni Network of Columbus GA. 

Kosal spoke on the underlying threat from al Qa’eda, the changes since the death of Osama bin Laden, and the growing risk of the decentralized network affiliates. Among the highest national security priorities is preventing the acquisition and use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by hostile states, sub-state actors, or terrorists. At the onset of the 21st Century, this has emerged as a national and international priority for today and important for a wider range of future challenges. As the leader of a larger radical Islamist extremist movement, al Qa’eda has advocated the use of terrorism as a means to cause the economic collapse of the US and the Western world. The group’s interest in acquiring and using these Understanding and anticipating the types of threats that may emerge; the potential consequences of those threats; and the motivation for enemies to seek, to intentionally pursue proliferation, and to obtain unconventional weapons – chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons – is necessary for preparing for the future security of the nation and allies. 

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