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Andrea Preininger
Marketing Manager, Georgia Tech Dining Services

It’s time to purchase a meal plan for the spring semester! While there are a variety of meal plans offered, the traditional plan with the most value is the All Access 400.

The All Access 400 meal plan delivers by far the most value for the money. For only $240 more than the All Access plan, the All Access 400 provides students $400 (tax-free) to use at any Georgia Tech Dining Services locations. This meal plan also offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of where a student can eat on campus.

Other great meal plans to consider are the Ramblin’ 400 and Ramblin’ 200. As a student purchases meals throughout the semester, the dollar amount on these plans decline. Plus, students receive a $75 and $25 gift card, respectively, do not have to pay the 8 percent sales tax on meal purchases, and are offered a discount of 10 percent off the door price at any of the dining halls.

“We have found that many of our upperclassmen and graduate students use the Ramblin' 400 and Ramblin' 200 meal plans as a budget for how much food they allow themselves to purchase on campus per semester. Once the money is gone, they either chose not to spend any more, or they buy another Ramblin’ plan. Unlike other traditional meal plans these can be purchased until the middle of March,” says Dori Martin, district marketing manager, Georgia Tech Dining Services.

We encourage you and your students to review all rules, regulations and details in regards to each meal plan to select the one that best fits your students’ needs. Meal plans offered for next semester are as follows:

All Access 400 - unlimited meals in the dining halls plus $400 in Georgia Tech Dining funds (no meal period limitations)

All Access - unlimited meals in the dining halls (no meal period limitations)

Limited Access 14 - 14 meals a week at dining halls (meal period limitations)

Limited Access 10 - 10 meals a week at dining halls (meal period limitations)

Social Access 75 - 75 meals a semester in dining halls (no meal period limitations)

Ramblin’ 400 - a declining balance meal plan with $475 purchase value

Ramblin’ 200 - a declining balance meal plan with $225 purchase value

Meal plan registration and changes can be made at: All meal plan charges will post to your student’s Bursar's account. BuzzCard account funds will be automatically credited to your student’s BuzzCard account no later than the day after you register for the meal plan. The last day to make changes to a Freshmen Experience meal plan at no charge is January 4 at 4:30 p.m. Meal Plan changes can be made to your Freshmen Experience meal plan between January 13 and January 25 at 4:30 p.m. with a $30 fee.

All other non-Freshmen Experience students can purchase a meal plan by January 25 at 4:30 p.m. with no fee. Please note that Ramblin’ 400 and Ramblin’ 200 meal plans can be purchased until mid-March.


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