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The Georgia Tech School of Physics hosted the 2023 iPoLS meeting, August 1-4 2023. News Shaun Ashley 2023-08-16
Physics of Living Systems Seminar - Speaker: Prof. Juan Perrilla ( Host Prof. Gumbart) Event Shaun Ashley 2023-04-20
Principles of cellular behavior: integrating cellular structure, dynamics, and decision making Event Shaun Ashley 2023-04-17
Can Cosmic Collisions Be Predicted Before They Happen? News jhunt7 2023-03-17
Can Chern insulators be polarized? Event Shaun Ashley 2022-11-14
Vapor cells for quantum sensors Event Shaun Ashley 2022-10-24
Topological spincaloritronic transport in magnetic insulators due to magnetoelastic coupling Event Shaun Ashley 2022-10-17
Computational Exploration of Protein Conformational Space from Membrane Insertases to Viral Fusion Proteins Event Shaun Ashley 2022-10-17
Physicists Uncover New Dynamical Framework for Turbulence News jhunt7 2022-08-29
Rigidity percolation in a random tensegrity via analytic graph theory Event Shaun Ashley 2022-04-07
Feynman rules for wave turbulence Event Shaun Ashley 2022-04-06
When Physics Meets Literature: Fractality in Western Novels Event cwhittle9 2021-10-26
Quantifying entanglement and detecting Kardar-Parisi-Zhang transport in spin chains using neutron scattering Event Shaun Ashley 2021-10-14
New 'Vibrant Pack Energy Harvesters' to Harness Big Bridge Vibrations News jhunt7 2021-07-20
Khan Chosen for DARPA Young Faculty Award News Jackie Nemeth 2021-06-10