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Professor Ross underscores state’s role in furthering regional cooperation External News Jessie Brandon 2015-07-21
Professor Ross discusses benefits of transit access for housing affordability External News Angelika Braig 2015-07-02
CQGRD partners with APA on recently awarded research project News Jessie Brandon 2015-05-28
Peter Hylton (PhD ’17) awarded Eno Fellowship News Jessie Brandon 2015-03-31
CQGRD awarded one of six grants from the Health Impact Project News Jessie Brandon 2015-02-23
Professor Ross comments on the strengths of Charlotte's redevelopment plan External News Jessie Brandon 2015-02-11
Reed predicts regional transit effort in 2015 External News Jessie Brandon 2014-12-10
Harry West Visionary Leadership Award created by Atlanta Regional Commission News Jessie Brandon 2014-10-08
Prof. Catherine Ross selected as Georgia Power Professor of Excellence News Jessie Brandon 2014-10-07
Benjamin Harrison (Harry) West, 1941 - 2014 News Jessie Brandon 2014-07-15
Eisenhower Fellowships to Carly Queen (MCRP + MS/CE class of ’15) and Peter Hylton (PhD class of ’17) News Jessie Brandon 2014-06-03
Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development (CQGRD) invites applicants for a research scientist position News Jessie Brandon 2014-06-02
High-speed rail discussion revived says Professor Ross External News Kyle James 2013-06-14
CQGRD Invites Applicants for a Research Scientist News Kyle James 2013-01-15
Seminar: Traffic Safety, Fire Trucks, and Walkability Event Kyle James 2012-09-05