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Physicists Solve Mysteries of Microtubule Movers News Renay San Miguel 2023-08-31
Thinning Ice Sheets May Drive Sharp Rise in Subglacial Waters News jhunt7 2023-08-21
Santosh Vempala Named Simons Investigator News jhunt7 2023-08-01
Machine Learning Maestros News Renay San Miguel 2023-07-26
NSF RAPID Response to Earthquakes in Turkey News sperrin6 2023-07-26
Turning the Tide on Climate Change News jhunt7 2023-07-19
Gauging Glaciers: Alex Robel Awarded NSF CAREER Grant for New Ice Melt Modeling Tool News sperrin6 2023-06-28
Scientists Unearth 20 Million Years of ‘Hot Spot’ Magmatism Under Cocos Plate News jhunt7 2023-06-16
AI Hub at Georgia Tech to Unite Campus in Artificial Intelligence R&D and Commercialization Efforts News Georgia Parmelee 2023-06-06
Solving the Infinite Problems: Anton Bernshteyn Awarded NSF CAREER for Developing New, Unified Theory: Descriptive Combinatorics News sperrin6 2023-04-18
The Fundamental Questions: Jesse McDaniel Awarded NSF CAREER Grant for Research Into New Method of Predicting Chemical Reaction Rates, Leveraging Computer Modeling News sperrin6 2023-04-18
American Chemical Society Presents 2023 Herty Medal to “Chemist’s Chemist” David Sherrill News Renay San Miguel 2023-03-20
Ethnicity, life expectancy data can aid in health equity efforts News Jerry Grillo 2023-03-10
Bringing Understanding to Chaotic Dynamics with Billiards, Flowers, and ... Mushrooms? News Renay San Miguel 2023-02-10
Machine Learning Predicts Biodiversity and Resilience in the Coral Triangle News Catherine Barzler 2023-02-09