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Spring Workshop Explores Innovations in the Packaging Industry and the Circular Economy News pdevarajan3 2023-05-26
RBI and Student Polymer Network co-host the 9th Annual Symposium on Sustainable Polymers News pdevarajan3 2023-05-04
Georgia Tech Launches Wood-Based Renewables Research Center News pdevarajan3 2023-05-02
Spring2023 RBI Workshop on Packaging Innovation & the Circular Economy Event pdevarajan3 2023-03-29
Special Lecture on Sustainability & Computing | Compute, Information, Lifetime: Paradigm Changing Opportunities to Improve Computing’s Environmental Sustainability Event Christa Ernst 2023-03-02
Savannah River National Laboratory, Georgia Tech Select Martha Grover for Joint Appointment News pdevarajan3 2023-01-26
The 2023 Atlanta Science Festival Event adavidson38 2022-11-17
DOE Renews Funding of Energy Frontier Research Center with $13.2 Million Grant News Walter Rich 2022-08-31
Supporting IUPAC News Walter Rich 2022-08-05
RBI Expands its Industrial Advisory Board News Walter Rich 2022-07-29
Composition Gradient High-Throughput Polymer Libraries Enabled by Passive Mixing and Elevated Temperature Operability News Walter Rich 2022-07-22
Faculty and Students Present Research at Nanotechnology Conference News Walter Rich 2022-06-30
Dewatering of Cellulose Nanofibrils using Ultrasound News Walter Rich 2022-06-02
A Story Of Forgotten Hanji, Korean Traditional Paper Event Walter Rich 2022-05-03
Technology Licensing Feature: Using Capillary Foams to Recover Spilled Oil News Walter Rich 2022-05-02