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3D Systems Packageing Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Insulating Materials and Dielectrics: A Key Issue and The Achille’s Heel of Future Electronic & Electrical Engineering Technologies Event Christa Ernst
CEE Special Guest Lecture: “Nanomaterials: What 20 years of nanomaterial implication research has taught us” Event Christa Ernst
Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Seminar: Micro/nano Joining Technologies for Next-gen Heterogeneous Integration - Dr. Vanessa Smet; Packaging Research Center at Georgia Tech Event Christa Ernst
Nanomaterials Design for Energy and Environment - Yi Cui Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University Event Christa Ernst
IEN Industry Seminar Series: Light Scattering Boot Camp Event Christa Ernst
Practical Surface Characterization of Materials: An Interactive Short Course on XPS, UPS and SIMS: Principles, Practice, Instrumentation and Hands-on Data Analysis Event Christa Ernst
Ferroelectricity’s Mystery Sister may do Twice the Work for Less News Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: ImmunoEngineering and Cell Manufacturing: The Next Frontiers in Biomedical Nano/Microtechnologies Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Hybrid Material and Device Platforms for Reconfigurable Integrated Nanophotonics Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Non-Invasive Physiological Sensing and Modulation for Human Health and Performance Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Nanoscale Design of Zinc Anodes for High Energy Rechargeable Aqueous Batteries Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech:Interfacial Mechanics of Cell-Nanoparticles System: A Computational Perspective Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Current and future cell therapies for treatment of type 1 diabetes Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech - Bionics in Tribology: Adhesive and Frictional Dress of Elastomeric Surfaces Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Super Giant Hyaluronan Polymer Brushes: Tailoring Living and Synthetic Interfaces Event Christa Ernst