(09-0708) Prof. Tamaki Nakano, Hokkaido University

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Prof. Tamaki Nakano, Hokkaido University

Synthesis and Electronic/Chiroptical Properties of π-Stacked Polymers

Dibenzofulvene and its derivatives afford polymers through vinyl polymerization, and the resulting polymers have pi-stacked conformation where the main chain has a nearly all-trans (zigzag) conformation and the side chain fluorene moieties are regularly stacked on top of each other. Based on this structure, pi-stacked polymers indicate intriguing photoeletronic properties. This lecture will focus on the synthesis of the π-stacked polymers by anionic polymerization technique, their detailed structural analyses, and their properties including electronic and chiroptical aspects.

For more information contact Prof. Jean-Luc Brédas (404-385-4986).


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