(11-0210) Prof. Joe Perry, Georgia tech

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    • Thursday February 10, 2011 - Friday February 11, 2011
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Summary Sentence: Prof. Joe Perry, Georgia tech

Full Summary: Prof. Joe Perry, Georgia Tech Organic Materials for All-Optical Switching: Real or Imaginary? School Colloquia

Prof. Joe Perry, Georgia Tech

Organic Materials for All-Optical Switching: Real or Imaginary?

School Colloquia

Conjugated organic materials high degrees of electron delocalization can exhibit large refractive or absorptive nonlinear optical responses. With the increasing demands for greater communication bandwidths, there has been substantial interest in the use of organic materials with large refractive nonlinearity for ultrafast all-optical signal processing with bandwidths of tens of terahertz. On the other hand, absorptive nonlinearities have been shown to be of considerable use in optical power limiting, 3D microfabrication and 3D imaging and sensing. While prior efforts have emphasized the use of refractive nonlinearities, recent work has been examining the possibility of switch using absorptive nonlinearities but with low net optical loss.

I will present our efforts to develop molecular level understanding of optical nonlinearities of organic materials, emphasizing relationships between molecular structure, electronic delocalization, and the spectral dependence of refractive and absorptive nonlinearities, as well as the effects of symmetry breaking on optical nonlinearities. Challenges associated with the translation of molecules with desirable optical properties to high nonlinearity optical thin films will also be discussed. I will give an overview of applications of organic nonlinear optical materials in optical switching and limiting, and 3D microfabrication and imaging.

For more information contact Prof. Charles Liotta (404-894-8222).

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