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Georgia Tech has a proud history in space exploration. Ten astronauts have earned degrees from Georgia Tech, another three graduates have been selected as candidates for future missions and another astronaut is a former Tech faculty member. They have been among the best, each advancing the conquest of space. Below is a list of Georgia Tech faculty who can provide expertise on the Mars Exploration Rover Missions. For other topics, please call Institute Communications and Public Affairs for assistance at 404-894-4233 or 404-894-0870. Robert Braun Associate Professor, David and Andrew Lewis Professor of Space Technology School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-385-6171 E-mail: Expertise: Sixteen years at NASA Langley working on Mars missions, including Spirit Rover, Opportunity Rover, Pathfinder, Sojourner Rover, ARES Mars Scout Mission, Sample Return Earth Entry Vehicle. Expert on Mars atmospheric flight, robotic/human mars exploration architectures, atmospheric flight dynamics, space transportation, planetary exploration, spacecraft design and systems engineering. John Olds Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering Director of the Space Systems Design Laboratory Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-894-6289 E-mail: Expertise: Spacecraft design, space shuttles and public confidence in the space program. Judy Curry Professor and Chair, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-894-3955 E-mail: Expertise: Potential use of robots in space, especially in ways that make research safer for humans Robert Loewy Chair, School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-894-3002 E-mail: Expertise: Bush space plan, small aircraft, and recovery of wrecked aircraft James Sowell Astronomer, School of Physics Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-385-1294 E-mail: Expertise: Mars, planetary systems Eric Johnson Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-385-2519 E-mail: Expertise: Avionics, entry guidance systems, and navigation and control Jim St. John Research Scientist School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences College of Sciences Georgia Institute of Technology Phone: 404-894-1754 E-mail: Web site: Expertise: Atmosphere of Mars and Earth Georgia Tech Professor Eyes Space Settlement Large, massive structures could be built in space simply by using radio waves that create force fields to move materials and assemble them into various structures. Once bonded in place, the structures could lay the groundwork for human settlement in space and a space-based economy, according to Narayanan Komerath, an aerospace engineer at Georgia Tech. More information: Georgia Tech Named Member of NASA's National Institute of Aerospace Georgia Tech faculty members are contributing to the research and training efforts of NASA's new National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), which supports the mission of NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. Tech is one of six universities teaming up with NASA in research, education, technology transfer and outreach efforts to all of Langley's core competencies, including aerodynamics, thermodynamics and aero-acoustics. More information: The Georgia Tech Space Systems Design Laboratory Georgia Tech is home to the Space Systems Design Laboratory (SSDL). The laboratory was founded at Georgia Tech's School of Aerospace Engineering in 1995 with the goal of creating a world-class effort in research and education dedicated to the design of advanced space systems. The lab is directed by John Olds, associate professor of aerospace engineering, and consists of several undergraduates, Master's-level graduate students, and Ph.D.-level graduate students with an interest in advanced space systems. Research in the lab centers on identification and assessment of new technologies that have the potential to lower the cost of space launch and exploration, for both human and robotic explorers. More information: Georgia Tech's Graduates are Among NASA's Top Astronauts More information:



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