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Karen Leone de Nie
Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development
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Summary Sentence: Redeveloping Urban Nowhere Zones

Full Summary: This one-day symposium will present the elements of Everyday Neighborhoods-good urban design, mixed uses, travel options, lifecycle orientation, equity, environment, and economic development.

Communities throughout the country are watching or wishing for the redevelopment of their nowhere zone, the holes in their community fabric. At one time these nowhere zones were vital shopping centers or active industrial districts, but today they are vacant or nearly vacant. They may sever neighborhoods, encourage disinvestment, increase undesirable activities, and act as a drag on a city's tax revenues.

Many nowhere zones are being reinvented, but are they creating everyday neighborhoods? Everyday Neighborhoods are places for people of all ages and income levelsÂ…places where sustainability principles regarding the interaction of social, environmental, and economic activities and needs are used to address urban challenges.

This one-day conference will present the elements of Everyday Neighborhoods-good urban design, mixed uses, pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented, equity, lifecycle community orientation, and various aspects of sustainability, including environmental, health, and economic concerns. The conference will provide a venue for a multi-disciplinary discussion of the barriers to creating Everyday Neighborhoods and strategies to overcome them.

This conference is designed for a broad audience, including land developers, planners, urban designers, economic developers, public officials, architects, community activists, environmentalists, financers, and public health professionals. This course has been approvied for AIA and continuing education credits.

For more information and an agenda visit http://www.cqgrd.gatech.edu/everyday_neighborhoods.php. You may register by clicking on the link below or by calling 404.385.3500.

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