C4G Review Day

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Learn about the projects in the Fall 2011 Computing for Good (C4G) class, and see updates on continuing work on previous projects!

Fall 2011 Class Projects

1. "Monitoring and Evaluation in Carter Center Mental Health Liberia Program": Jake Martin, Kang Lee, Greg Youree, Chris Agocs, Karol Chudy, Ellen Zegura

2. "Integrated Management Information System for Agro-Dealer Development and in CARE Zambia": Anthony Robldeo, Nate Osborne, Minimala Karusala, Libo Su, Antonio Silva, Ellen Zegura

3. "Tools for Election Monitoring using Social Media": Nikea Davis, Miguel Osornio, Lauren Schmidt, Andrew Harbor, Ellen Zegura

4. "Wiki-based Autism Transition Handbook": Chris Romano, Anusha Panyala, Robert Lee, Sandeep Segireddy, Jim Foley

5. "Equipment Loan System for Georgia ALS Association": Brandon Feldkamp, Andy Kiesler, Grant Saunders, Saager Patel

6. "G-Power Website Overhaul for Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention": Alexa Kaminsky, Dylan Demyanek, Daniel Hooper, Charles Freeney, Jim Foley

7. "Wheelchair User Skills Training via Video": Marc Carroll, Ruslan Popovych, Jay Park, Yahao Wu, Jim Foley

8. "IT Education in Liberia": Adrian Kosciak, Lakshmi Anantakrishnan, Hannah Yu, Sachit Muckaden, Ellen Zegura

Ongoing Projects

9. "Using an ecological approach to understand and address the communication needs between children with chronic disease and their caregivers": Yi Han, Jong Choi, Heather Fritz, John Stasko, Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga (external partner: Emory Children's Center)

10. "Using SMS to Provide Continuous Assessment and Improve Health Outcomes for Children with Asthma": TJ Yun, Hee Young Jeong, Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga (external partner: Georgia Pediatric Pulmonology Associates)

11. "Improving Health Care in Africa via BLIS": Amol Shintre, Akshay Phalnikar, Anu Nair and Santosh Vempala (external partners: CDC, Ministries of Health in Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana; Global Health Systems Solutions, Cameroon; African Epidemiology Network, Uganda)

12. "S2H: Tracking Shelter Occupancy in Support of Reducing Chronic Homelessness"
Tim Henning, Supraja Narasimhan, Protip Biswas and Santosh Vempala: (external partner: United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta)


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