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Manu Platt, PhD


Summary Sentence: Longchuan Li and Jessilynn Dunn presenting

Full Summary: Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series - Longchuan Li and Jessilynn Dunn presenting

  • GaP Seminar Series GaP Seminar Series
  • Longchuan Li Longchuan Li
  • Jessilyn Dunn Jessilyn Dunn

Longchuan Li - Advisor, Xiaoping Hu, PhD

Reconstruction and Assessment of Anatomical Brain Networks using Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Since the brain works as a network, knowing the physical substrates of the network is the prerequisite for understanding its functions. In this study, we quantitatively assessed the accuracy of the anatomical brain networks reconstructed using diffusion MRI, providing insights on the potentials and limitations of the technique in studying anatomical connectivity in the brain.

Jessilynn Dunn - Advisor, Hanjoong Jo, PhD

The Role of DNA Methyltransferases in Disturbed Flow-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction and Atherosclerosis

DNA methyltransferases methylate specific regions of genomic DNA to regulate gene transcription. In this study we implicate DNA methylation as an important mechanism for controlling gene expression in disturbed flow-exposed endothelium. The Graduate and Post-Doc (GaP) Seminar Series is a weekly event of biotechnology related research presentations by two graduate students or post-docs of IBB and is co-sponsored by BME. It is held every Wednesday at 12:00pm in IBB 1128 and refreshments are provided. If your research group or department would like to present at future seminars, please contact Manu Platt, PhD.

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