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Manu Platt, PhD


Summary Sentence: Candace Fleischer and Risa Lin presenting

Full Summary: Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series - Candace Fleischer and Risa Lin presenting

  • GaP Seminar Series GaP Seminar Series
  • Candace Fleischer Candace Fleischer
  • Risa Lin Risa Lin

Candace Fleischer - Advisor, Christine Payne, PhD

"The Effect of Serum Proteins on the Cellular Binding and Transport of Nanoparticles"

The diversity of nanoparticle (NP) composition has enabled sophisticated applications in vivo. While surface modification and material are important for targeted delivery, we observe that extracellular proteins adsorbed on the NP surface can alter the cellular fate. We have investigated cellular binding, internalization and endocytic transport of 87 nm fluorescent NPs in the presence of serum proteins with fluorescence microscopy.

Risa Lin - Advisor, Rob Butera, PhD

"A Modular Architecture for a Real-time Software Tool for Cell-Computer Interfacing" 

A challenge of systems biology is the extension of mathematical and engineering tools to explore the dynamics of biological systems. The next step beyond reverse-engineering physiological processes is building hybrid systems that actually interface biology with computational models. The Real-Time Experiment Interface is a platform that allows users to quickly implement activity-dependent stimulus-response protocols in a closed-loop paradigm.

The Graduate and Post-Doc (GaP) Seminar Series is a weekly event of biotechnology related research presentations by two graduate students or post-docs of IBB and is co-sponsored by BME. It is held every Wednesday at 12:00pm in IBB 1128 and refreshments are provided. If your research group or department would like to present at future seminars, please contact Manu Platt, PhD at

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