Half-Measures: Recap of World Town Planning Day in Atlanta led by the Student Planning Association

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"[Mayor Bucky] Johnson seemed most sanguine about [political] constraints: while the list is not perfect, the process was as legitimate and transparent as he and his collaborators could make it, and the resulting list provides funds for a wide range of very useful projects. [Tom] Weyandt, for his part, was more emphatic about the imperfections of the process and the results - he actually used the phrase "the art of the possible" - but seemed to accept that this is the best that can be done under the circumstances; one has to start somewhere. [Colleen] Kiernan was bluntly dismissive of the process and of the project list, questioning the legitimacy of the whole enterprise, and suggesting a more radical approach: raising gasoline taxes while removing the constitutional restriction on the use of the revenue, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to transportation planning, and possibly for a more radical reconfiguration of the built environment."

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