Multi-Institutional Trainee Research Symposium

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Presented by EBICS Student Leadership Council

Abigail Oelker – MIT “Synthetic polypeptide macromers: Components of a hydrogel toolkit for modeling cell-matrix interactions”

Ioannis Zervantonakis – MIT “Modeling tge tumor-vascular interface using microfluidics: Studying endothelial barrier function and cancer invasion”

Douglas White – Georgia Tech “Modeling 3D cellular aggregates using Rules Based Modeling”

Catherine Rivet– Georgia Tech “Imaging single-cell signaling dynamics with a deterministic high-density single-cell trap array”

Jaspreet Kaur – UIUC “Development of machine components composed of muscle, neuronal and endothelial cells derived from stem cells”

Mustafa Mir – UIUC “Imaging cellular systems using quantitative light microscopy”


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