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The Student Planning Association includes interesting faculty updates for their Newsletter.

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The Student Planning Association includes interesting faculty updates for their Newsletter.

  • Michael Dobbins Michael Dobbins
  • Dan Immergluck Dan Immergluck
  • Subhrajit Guhathakurta Subhrajit Guhathakurta
  • Nancey Green Leigh Nancey Green Leigh
  • Brian Stone Brian Stone
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The faculty updates are from the Student Planning Association Newsletter under the directorship of Drew Swope, (MCRP class of '12).

Congratulations to the many awards and recognitions many of our faculty have received in the past several months, to name a few:

Professor of the Practice Mike Dobbins led an award winning studio project with Georgia Stand-Up. The major focus of the studio was an approach to redevelopment of Fort McPherson from the perspective of the neighboring communities and how future development can complement surrounding community characteristics rather than considering redevelopment of the base in isolation, as most plans have. More about this issue is available in Professor Dobbins' op-ed in the AJC.

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Immergluck who was promoted to full professor.  This well-earned decision reflects a distinguished record of teaching, scholarship and service that includes six years at Georgia Tech, three books, 27 refereed journal articles and the inaugural Student Planning Association's Quality Teaching Award.  Attend his professorial lecture where he discusses the question “What’s next? Prognosis and Prospects for Housing and Urban Form after the Crisis.”

Dr. Subhrajit Guhathakurta was appointed to the faculty as Professor and Director of the Center for Geographic Information Systems. Beginning in January, 2012 he will serve as the editor for the Journal of Planning and Education and Research. Also, read an interview featured in the Student Planning Association Newsletter.

Dr. Nancey Green Leigh was recently featured in an “up close” interview with the AJC discussing the regional economy and the need for education and a diversified economy.  Dr. Leigh leads the School of City and Regional Planning’s Doctoral Program and has authored three books and over 50 academic articles.

Dr. Brian Stone was recently nominated for an ENI award. This is a prestigious international environmental protection prize awarded by the Italian energy company, ENI. This nomination recognizes Professor Stone’s research on the pace of climate change in cities. Specifically, he discovered that most large cities are warming at more than twice the rate of the planet as a whole. He also recently received an NIH grant with Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor, Ted Russell, working on heat island issues and involving $884,000 in funding.

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