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"Can Experimental Fluid Mechanics Still Play a Role in Cardiovascular Device Design in this Computational-Centric Age"

Keefe Manning, PhD - Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Experimental fluid mechanics is an art form and during its heyday, impacted much of what we know today.  However, computational fluid dynamics have been able to extend our knowledge and challenge many paradigms related to cardiovascular fluid mechanics, but validation is still needed as we investigate more cellular behavior and systems.  Newer experimental techniques are being developed but is the technology experiencing its swan song?  We have been able to successfully use particle image velocimetry (PIV) to improve and influence the design of adult and pediatric pulsatile blood pumps.  This seminar will describe our method to calculate the wall shear rates based on PIV and how to correlate these data to thrombus deposition from animal explants.  I will present experimental results using PIV that have influenced the design of our newest pulsatile blood pump, a pneumatic 12 cc pediatric device, describing studies of valve selection, application, and possible limitations to clinical use based on work from our adult pulsatile blood pump design methodology.

Host:  Ajit P. Yoganathan, PhD

The Bioengineering Seminar Series is a joint seminar series between IBB and the BME department. Seminars are held on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 11am-12pm in IBB room 1128 unless otherwise indicated.


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