"This Shared Dream" by Kathleen Goonan

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   Kathleen Ann Goonan introduced Sam Dance and his wife, Bette, and their quest to alter our present reality for the better in her novel In War Times(winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Novel and ALA's Best Science Fiction Novel of 2008). Now, in This Shared Dream, she tells the story of the next generation.
   The three Dance kids, seemingly abandoned by both parents when they were younger, are now adults and are all disturbed by memories of a reality that existed in place of their world. The older girl, Jill, even remembers the disappearance of their mother while preventing the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This Shared Dream is speculative/science fiction about family, memory, time, education, and the neurosciences.
   Goonan has created a new kind of utopian SF novel, in which the changes in history have created a present world that is in many ways superior to our own, while in other worlds people strive to prevent their own erasure by restoring the ills to ours. This Shared Dream is certainly the most provocative SF speculation of the year, and perhaps the decade.

About Goonan
Kathleen Ann Goonan has been at the vanguard of literary science fiction since the publication of her New York Times Notable Book QUEEN CITY JAZZ in 1994, garnering starred reviews in all major review journals, such as PW, Kirkus, and Booklist, for each of her six novels. A literary stylist, she melds cutting-edge science with strong characterization, history, jazz, and
what PW described as " . . . the work of a powerful imagination with a superior command of language." Her work has been the subject of articles as widely varied as Scientific American's "Shamans of the Small" in their special Nanotechnology issue and scholarly papers in literary journals, and has been studied at UCR, MIT, RIT, and other universities. Goonan has been
invited to speak at international literary festivals, such as Kosmopolis in Barcelona and Utopioles in Nantes, government think tanks, and in university settings. Her novels have been finalists for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, BSFA, and Nebula Awards. IN WAR TIMES won the Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2007 and was also the American Library
Association's choice of Best Science Fiction Novel of the year.
With a degree in English from Virginia Tech and Association Montessori Internationale training, Goonan has worked in bookstores, as a packer for a moving company, and in her own 100-student Montessori school. She is presently a Visiting Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Science, Technology and Ideology.



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