Dynamic Phenotypes: Genetics, Statistics and Drug Discovery

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Kristy Gjertsen
NY Academy of Sciences
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Summary Sentence: Dynamic Phenotypes: Genetics, Statistics and Drug Discovery

Full Summary: Dynamic Phenotypes: Genetics, Statistics and Drug Discovery

Phenotypes may be characterized quantitatively in many dynamic ways, including behavioral and neuronal measures. Such measures help us to better understand biological function, and provide a contrast to other characterizations of phenotype, so are a potential means for differential diagnoses of various illnesses. This symposium will feature industry experts discussing their use of high-throughput genetic screens, and will present cutting-edge research results using novel microfluidics devices to gather large-scale quantitative data about complex systems, and experimental and modeling approaches to understand how biological systems react to and interact with their microenvironment. Advanced imaging techniques will be presented, and quantitative biology and statistical methods will also be covered. The symposium will conclude with a panel discussion featuring all speakers.

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Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience (IBB)

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Dynamic Phenotypes: Genetics, Hang Lu, New York academy of sciences, Statistics and Drug Discovery
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