Music Technology Alumni Using Their Degrees

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Two Georgia Tech Alumni are taking their experience in music technology and combining it with their entrepreneurial spirit to create and sell synthesizers, sequencers and other musical and robotic devices. Scott Driscoll and Travis Thatcher are both musicians, but it is how they are combining their music and technology talents that has them in business together.

Thatcher, a designer, has created everything from modulators to synthesizers to sequencers, to use in his own performances. Although he has never had the time to perfect a design to take it to market, Driscoll, a fellow music technology classmate, had just the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to take Thatcher's creations to the marketplace.

"Basically I've created a business to help designers like Travis develop their devices, finish them and sell them," said Driscoll. "Today's technology has made everything more accessible to everyone. All of our designs are completely open source. Some customers may only want the raw materials so they can put the devices together themselves, while others will want the completed piece assembled for them."

"This works out for both of us because I wouldn't have the time to enhance the instruments that I've created," said Thatcher. "I am able to put the finishing touches on many devices that I may never have the time to complete otherwise."

The two music technology alumni say the Georgia Tech Music Technology program is a big reason for their success and continued interest in the field.

"We were exposed to a whole new direction that you could take with music and technology," said Driscoll. "The fact that you could combine these two in an artistic path. For me it was like, oh, I get to be a creative engineer."

Driscoll and Thatcher say business is good right now and they plan on releasing new devices down the road. You can find more information about their musical creation at



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