Georgia Tech Exhibits Wearable Electronics at MODA

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High-tech fashion showcases futuristic discipline

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High-tech fashion showcases futuristic discipline.


Georgia Tech student work interpreting wearable electronics, or mobile and ubiquitous computing, is featured in an exhibition entitled "On You" through May 3rd, 2008 at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA).

"'On You' is an exploration of our close, daily relationship with technology through projects and ideations created by students of the Computer Science and Industrial Design programs at Georgia Tech," explains co-curator and Industrial Design Program lecturer Clint Zeagler.

Zeagler and Thad Starner of the College of Computing co-taught the wearable electronics class in Fall 2007 - the first partnership between the Computer Science and Industrial Design departments. The class demonstrated how technological innovation must meet functionality and pleasing aesthetics in order to create a marketable product.

"Police Assist", a remarkable project on display is an automated, unobtrusive data collection system to be worn by police officers that incorporates a body-mounted hi resolution camera that allows for recording and transmission of data. The students' goals for the product:

  • Gather live evidence, such as more accurate descriptions of incidents and to protect officers from frivolous lawsuits
  • Transmit the officer's location to other officers and their station
  • Monitor the status of multiple officers patrolling along 

"SmartNoti"-short for Smart Notification is a resourceful response to a common problem. Based on the observation that people often misplace or leave their personal belongings, the SmartNoti is a device that was designed as a bracelet or hooded jacket that is BlueTooth enabled. The user would tag his/her personal belongings, like an mp3 player, cell phone, wallet or keys with small Bluetooth markers. Whenever the user gets out of range of his/her belongings, their bracelet or hooded jacket would receive a vibration or LED light alert. The lights and vibrations can be customized to the user's preferences.

These are just two examples of the innovative and inspired products on display. Along with the actual prototypes, look for a description of the process of how these products came to exist explained through drawings, graphics and video.

'On You' is sponsored by The GVU Center at Georgia Tech. The GVU Center is a university-wide, interdisciplinary research center that spans the Georgia Tech campus and includes many outside collaborators. After more then decade and half of practicing interdisciplinary research, GVU has gained international recognition in fields such as Augmented Reality, Collaborative Work, Educational Technologies, Gaming, Graphics, Human- Computer Interaction, New Media, Online Communities, Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Reality and Wearable Computing.

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