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Jason Drury - Advisor, Raquel Lieberman, PhD

"Development of a FRET-based Continuous Assay for Signal Peptide Peptidase"

Signal peptide peptidase (SPP) is an intramembrane aspartyl protease, related to presinilin, the catalytic subunit of γ-secretase. A novel FRET-based continuous assay has been developed for assay of recombinant SPP allowing for kinetic and inhibition characterization of the enzyme.

Hamidreza Marvi - Advisor, David Hu, PhD

"The Role of Functional Surfaces in the Locomotion of Snakes"

The adaptations of snakes for movement across complex dry terrain serve naturally as inspirations for search-and-rescue robotics. In this combined experimental and theoretical study, we perform experiments on inclined surfaces to show a snake’s scales are critical anatomical features that enable climbing. We use the findings of this research to design Scalybot, a two-link limbless robot with individually controlled sets of belly scales.


The Graduate and Post-Doc (GaP) Seminar Series is a weekly event of research presentations by two graduate students or post-docs conducting bio-related research.  The series is organized and sponsored by the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience (IBB) with additional support from the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering. It is held every Wednesday at 12:00pm in IBB 1128 and refreshments are provided. If your research group or department would like to present at future seminars, please contact Manu Platt, PhD at manu.platt@bme.gatech.edu.



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