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The Course Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS), used to gather feedback from students about teaching and learning in their courses, has received its first major facelift since 2002.    

“We kept the old ‘question 10,’ which most academic units use in their promotion and tenure packets, but all others were updated,” said Donna Llewellyn, director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. “And hosting of the survey is now outsourced to Digital Measures, a company that specializes in delivery of this type of survey via its CourseResponse platform.”  

These changes were necessary because the questions on the older CIOS didn’t lead to targeted feedback that the instructor could use to improve, she added.

For example, one original statement that students were asked to respond to was “The examinations and quizzes (or other evaluations) were of appropriate difficulty.” The revised statement is “Degree to which exams, quizzes, homework (or other evaluated assignments) measured your knowledge and understanding.”

As for the decision to change software, the technology used to administer the older survey was created for a Georgia Tech with one master calendar — not a Tech with calendars for everything from study abroad to a variety of summer academic sessions.

In addition to the CIOS, there is also now a Teaching Assistant Opinion Survey (TAOS), which can be delivered from the same platform and will allow students to provide feedback on this group of instructors.

Since the feedback from students and faculty was positive during the pilot implementations, the revised CIOS is now being used in all courses.   

What won’t change is how historical CIOS data is accessed.  Spring 2011 and prior data will still be available here.

If you have any questions regarding the CIOS or TAOS, you can send and email to Tris Utschig, CIOS coordinator.



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