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Recovering from an injury is always a hassle, especially when it comes to taking time out of your day to go to physical therapy.    

But thanks to Georgia Tech Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, employees never even have to leave campus to get treatment.

“Let’s face it, we’re easy to get to, and people really like that,” said Charlie Ridgeway, clinic director. “Also, a lot of people figure that if we’re good enough to take care of both professional and Tech athletes, we’re good enough to take care of them.”

When it comes to employees, some of the most common injuries Ridgeway treats are shoulder joint issues, ACL tears, ankle sprains and overuse injuries to the neck and back that can stem from sitting at a computer all day.  

So, if you sprained your ankle and can’t walk on it, how would you access Ridgeway’s services?

First off, you would go to a doctor, who would write you a referral or prescription for physical therapy. Then, you would call the clinic to make an appointment. (Anyone — regardless of whether they are affiliated with Tech — can use the clinic.) The clinic would contact your insurance company to verify your physical therapy benefits, Ridgeway added.

“At your first appointment, we would do an initial evaluation of the injury and set up a plan of care,” he said. “During this appointment, we would also provide your initial treatment as well as a plan for daily home exercises.”

After that, you would schedule subsequent visits based on your plan for care. Treatments include stretching and massage, exercises using various machines and free weights, computerized and isokinetic muscle performance testing, and hydrotherapies such as an underwater treadmill and hot/cold whirlpools.

Because treatment can be both physically and mentally challenging for patients, finding ways to keep them motivated is a priority for Ridgeway.   

“I think that a positive mindset is key to a patient’s recovery,” he said. “I’m a big believer in giving the patient an easier goal to accomplish first and then taking baby steps from there.”  

To make an appointment, call the clinic at 385-4115. 



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