Georgia Tech-Europe Seminar (Metz, France): Tailorable Piezoelectric and Flexoelectric Output of Polymer-Metal Composites

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Polymers such as PVDF, PVDF-TrFE, and PLLA can have both piezoelectric and flexoelectric responses. These effects underlie a range of applications including sensing, actuation, and energy harvesting. Different combinations of piezoelectric and flexoelectric properties are desirable as they offer multifunctionality and versatility in terms of modes of operation. In this presentation, I will discuss a microscopic mechanism for tailoring the macroscopic mechanoelectrical output of polymer-metal composites by taking advantage of heterogeneity-induced enhancement of stress fields and strain gradient fields at the microstructure level. The approach uses embedded metal particles and voids to manipulate the activation and relative contributions of the piezoelectric and flexoelectric effects under uniaxial compression and flexural bending. It is shown that significant microstructural effects exist to enable tailoring of the mechanoelectrical responses through microstructure variation.


Min Zhou is Carter N. Paden, Jr. Distinguished Chair for Innovation in Material Science at Georgia Tech. He received his Ph.D. from Brown University in 1993 and joined the faculty in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech in 1995. His research focuses on material behavior study using multiscale/multiphysics simulations and experiments with laser interferometry and digital diagnostics. Professor Zhou is a recipient of several awards, including the US National Science Foundation’s CAREER award and the Sigma Xi Best Paper Award. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers and was named World Class University Professor by the National Research Foundation of Korea. He has served as Editor, Associate Editor, or Editorial Board Member of a number of journals. He has given over 400 presentations in the United States, Europe and Asia, over 200 of which are invited, keynote, or distinguished lectures. 


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