MS Defense by Spencer C. Garcia

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Name: Spencer C. Garcia

Master’s Thesis Defense Meeting 

Date: Monday, January 8th, 2024 

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: click here

Meeting ID: 947 2818 3967

Password: 545591


Advisor: Keaton A. Fletcher, Ph.D. (Colorado State University/Georgia Institute of Technology)  


Thesis Committee Members:
Kimberly A. French, Ph.D. (Colorado State University) 

James S. Roberts, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology) 


Title: Great Expectations: The Consequences of Employee Caffeine Use to Meet Leader Performance Expectations


Abstract: Leaders typically have expectations for their followers’ performance. These expectations can serve to improve follower performance. However, when leader performance expectations become sufficiently high, they may become demanding for followers. To meet these demands, individuals may use compensatory behaviors, including stimulant use (i.e., caffeine). However, these variables may relate to further negative well-being consequences (i.e., mental fatigue). Drawing from Conservation of Resources (COR), this study sought to elucidate the potential relationships between these variables by testing their interplay in a loss spiral. This study used an archival dataset that included 127 employees who completed 3 daily surveys across 10 working days. Results do not suggest that a loss spiral is occurring. Caffeine was not a significant predictor of performance or other next-day mental fatigue. Leader performance expectations positively predicted same-day caffeine use, same-day perceived job performance, and next-day mental fatigue. This highlights both positive and aversive consequences of leader performance expectations. This study contributes to the understanding of leadership theories and the effects of high leader performance expectations on employees. Notably, this study makes these contributions at the within-person level.


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