How Reality Capture Technology is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

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Lunch provided for in-person attendees, (registration not required).

If you can’t join us in-person, Zoom link: https://gatech.zoom.us/j/98183418080?pwd=T3VVOTRVZm16WmZibGkzNGxyZldhUT09

Speaker: Connor Offutt, CEO, Aetos Imaging

How Reality Capture Technology is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

What if 3D scanning technology could be used to provide the visual context for manufacturing operators to train their workforce and manage their facilities? In this
lecture, the CEO of Aetos Imaging will provide deeper insight into how their company is
leveraging cutting edge reality capture technology to help foster a safer, more efficient
workforce. From the ups and downs of growing a venture backed startup to the vision of how manufacturing is evolving in a rapidly changing environment, this presentation will be sure to enhance your understanding of what’s truly going on in the industry.

Connor Offutt stands at the forefront of Aetos Imaging, steering its mission and vision with unwavering determination. As CEO, he not only shapes the direction of Aetos but also nurtures its culture and assembles a team of unmatched talent. When he's not driving Aetos to new heights, Connor is on the tennis court, mastering disc golf, participating in local events, and inspiring his sons.



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