Applying New Digital Tools for Studying Contemporary Great Power Politics: The Case of Russia

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Russia's war in Ukraine has been characterized by "surprise" — from the failure of Western deterrence to successive upgrades to military assistance to Ukraine;  Russia's inability to subdue Kyiv, resort to opaque nuclear threats and default to war of attrition; the Russian economy's resilience in the face of unprecedented Western sanctions; and steadfastness of the Ukrainian people, government, and military. This has put an accent on the search for broadening and deepening the study of contemporary great power competition. Accordingly, the purpose of this panel discussion is to introduce the Georgia Tech community to new ways for leveraging digital and visual analytical tools to expand understanding of empirical patterns and puzzles of great power behavior, refine and generate novel hypotheses, mesh different types of data, expand the methodological toolkit, and create new platforms for research collaboration to address emerging research questions.  

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs invites you to join us for this discussion about the promise of using new research tools by two prominent international experts on Russia. They will share novel architectures and applications for the study of contemporary Russian foreign policy.


  • Stephan De Spiegeleire, Principal Research Scientist, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, "Introduction to RuBase and Russia's Approach to Coercion"
  • Kevin Limonier, Associate Professor in Geography and Slavic Studies at the French Institute of Geopolitics (University of Paris 8) and Vice Director of Geode, "How to Use Open Source Intelligence for Academic Research on Geopolitics: The Case of Evgenii Prigozhin's Activities in French Speaking Africa"  

Moderated by Adam N. Stulberg, Sam Nunn Professor & Chair.

Co-sponsored by the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy.


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