GTVSA 27th Annual Spring Gala

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The annual Vietnamese Student Association Spring Gala is a formal event that includes a multi-course cultural dinner and a variety of performances, including our traditional Vietnamese fan dance and lion dance shows. During this event, students will be given the opportunity to connect, celebrate, and reflect on their Vietnamese culture in an immersive event.

The theme of our event is “Một cây làm chẳng nên non, ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao,” which roughly translates to “One tree cannot amount to as much as three together, resembling the power of a mountain.” By bringing this piece of culture to Georgia Tech, we hope to celebrate Tech’s values of unity and cooperation, as well as appreciating our multinational population and diverse backgrounds. The Vietnamese Student Association believes our gala will enhance student life by offering students an escape from studies and work and allowing them to dive head first into a piece of Vietnamese culture. Our goals through the Annual Spring Gala is to promote the ideas of community and history, despite our different backgrounds.

VSA Spring Gala is an exciting opportunity to showcase different flavors of Vietnamese celebration and traditions, providing students with a fun opportunity to experience it for themselves. While our fan dance team showcases historical Vietnamese garments, áo dài, we also feature an international fashion show, where students are invited to showcase their own cultures’ historical garments. By the end of the event, we hope students will take away a fresh appreciation of culture from around the world.



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