SCL IRC Seminar: Towards a Circular Carbon Economy: Plants do it – why don't we?

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The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute hosts a series of monthly seminars open to interested faculty, students and corporate partners as well as the general public. If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please review the below information and register online.


Our current energy systems are undergoing a significant shift from fossil carbon burning to the utilization of current sunlight.  There is the misconception that this shift also implies that we have to stop using carbon-based fuels as energy carriers.  What mix of energy carriers will be optimal for our future energy systems, and possibly more importantly what mix can we use during the next 30-40 years as we transition from fossil to renewable is still a very open question.  In this talk I will describe how we might couple renewable energy to carbon-based fuels through systems of direct air capture of CO2 and subsequent conversion.  Even within this space there is significant potential diversity of molecules that can be used, for example methanol is currently gaining favor in the shipping industry, but it could be that traditional hydrocarbons are a better fit due to the existing infrastructure.


Matthew Realff, Professor and David Wang Sr Fellow, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 

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