Georgia Tech Revises Its Visual Identity

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If you are responsible for designing anything that features the Georgia Tech logo, a few changes are coming your way. As part of a larger brand initiative, a revised visual identity system is being introduced this summer.       

“Our brand is one of our most important assets and is what distinguishes us from other institutions,” said Michael Warden, vice president of Communications and Marketing. “Although the Georgia Tech brand is comprised of numerous elements including values, positioning and key messaging, visual identity is perhaps one of the most important components, which is why we’ve made revising the visual identity guidelines a priority.”

Over the past few years, Communications and Marketing has spearheaded an effort, which has included representatives from across campus, to refine these guidelines, as it has formally defined the Institute’s brand.

“Through surveys, focus groups and many discussions, Communications and Marketing assessed what aspects of the current visual identity system were working and what could be improved,” said Katie Taylor, director of marketing communications. “For example, some slight modifications to the current Institute logo have been made, most notably the campanile icon has been shortened and the lines bolded a bit to increase legibility.”

Some of the goals of the revised guidelines are to allow more flexibility within the current system and increase consistency in how the Georgia Tech brand is visually showcased, Taylor added.

Educational sessions will be offered June 30 and July 14, 21 and 28 for those who work with the visual identity system, and revised visual identity guidelines will be available in July on the Communications and Marketing website. In the fall, a comprehensive brand resource manual will also be available online.

If you have any questions about the revised visual identity and how it may affect your unit’s communications, contact Taylor.



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