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Science is a people career as in we work for people and with people, and it’s very important that we can articulate our ideas to the people.” Those were the words of Bob Nerem, renowned scientist and founding executive director of the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience at Georgia Tech.  Bioengineering doctoral candidate Michelle Javier Quizon was inspired by Nerem’s message. “Being able to articulate your ideas is a major strength in any workplace,” said Quizon. “It’s a muscle that you must work daily.” The annual Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition challenges students to effectively explain their research within three minutes in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. When Quizon saw the call for 3MT participants, she jumped at the opportunity to escalate her skills in science communication. Quizon ultimately went on to pass the preliminary rounds and win second place in the 2022 3MT competition. She also won the coveted People’s Choice award. “By being in this competition, by being in these high-stress situations, I know that I have the capabilities to translate what I have done in 3MT to any job,” said Quizon. Currently enrolled master’s and doctoral students who are actively engaged in thesis, dissertation, or other culminating research are eligible to register for the competition.  “Everyone who is eligible should participate in a Three-Minute Thesis,” said Quizon. “I think everyone can benefit from developing the confidence, practice, and discipline to work under a high-stress situation and deliver.”  Placing in the competition allowed Quizon to pursue her studies further. She won a total of $2,000, which she was able to put toward research travels. “Thankfully, I have been able to employ those funds to go to conferences and forge scientific collaborations in Maryland and New York,” said Quizon. “I’ve been able to do that without the financial repercussions that come with not having those finances.” Registration for the 2023 3MT competition will be open from December 7 to February 10. Pending eligibility, accepted students will compete in a preliminary round in March. Those who pass the preliminary round will participate in the final competition on April 6. “My experience with 3MT was very beneficial and very well organized from the Georgia Tech side, and I always felt supported by the staff and the other competitors,” said Quizon. “It’s a phenomenal environment that does not want you to fail.” In addition to the supportive staff, Quizon’s experience with the peer presenters was supportive and collaborative. “It really did not feel like a competition,” said Quizon. “We all just wanted each other to do our best. As scientists, I think all of us could appreciate how much it takes to make a little dent of progress in the world, and it was very cool to learn about what other people are doing to help others and to help the world.” To learn more about the 3MT competition and to register, visit


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