Phd Proposal by Giovanni Calixte

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Giovanni Calixte
BME PhD Proposal Presentation

Date: 2022-12-05
Time: 2PM-4PM EST
Location / Meeting Link: Petite Institute Room 1128 (IBB 1128)/ https://gatech.zoom.us/j/96867032644

Committee Members:
Robert Butera, PhD (Advisor); Hang Lu, PhD; Dieter Jaeger, PhD; Svjetlana Miocinovic, MD/PhD; William Hunt, PhD

Title: The Role of Neural Tissue Properties on the Efficacy of Micro-Magnetic Stimulation

The objective of this proposal is to identify properties of neural tissue that impact the efficacy of magnetic stimulation, using a modelling approach. We are specifically interested in micro-scale applications using sub-millimeter coils. This knowledge will clarify the mechanism of action of micro-magnetic stimulation and enable the design of novel stimulators tailored for evoking neural responses with high accuracy and precision. This proposal is outlined as follows. The concept of magnetic stimulation will be introduced as a primer to micro-magnetic stimulation. Micro-magnetic stimulation and relevant experimental studies that describe its capabilities will be reviewed. Efforts to understand the mechanism of action of transcranial magnetic stimulation will be discussed and compared with those of micro-magnetic stimulation. As part of the proposed work, a general framework for coupling the electric fields induced by a simulated sub-millimeter coil to conductance-based neuron models will be implemented and verified. The implementation will allow for neuron models of any morphology to be tested using a 3-dimensional electric field. Using this framework, electric fields induced by commonly used commercial coils will be coupled to neurons with realistic morphologies, with the goal of ranking specific changes in morphological features in terms of impact on stimulation efficacy. Finally, to demonstrate the importance of the relationship between coil shape and neuron morphology in determining stimulation efficacy, we will evaluate experimental responses to magnetic stimulation using two methods utilized in our lab, specifically dissociated cultures of cortical neurons and an in-vivo model of a peripheral nerve.


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