MS Proposal by Lauren Moran

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Name: Lauren Moran

Master’s Thesis Proposal Meeting

Date: Monday, September 26th, 2022

Time: 1:30pm


Location: Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 997 4742 9994
Passcode: 186424

Kimberly French, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)


Thesis Committee Members:

Kimberly French, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)

Hsiao-Wen Liao, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)

Charles Calderwood, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech)


Title: The Role of Microbreaks in the Work Recovery Process


Abstract: Job stress remains a threat to the health and productivity of workers nationwide, and in response, increased efforts have been made to understand how individuals recover from unavoidable stressors in the workplace. However, little research has been done on how at-work breaks such as microbreaks are related to off-work recovery experiences. The proposed study seeks to uncover when and why individuals use microbreaks as a part of the broader recovery process, as well as how family demands impact the relationship between fatigue and microbreaks. Experience-sampling methodology will be used to examine these relationships over a period of 4 weeks, with multilevel structural equation modeling used to examine the posited relationships. Potential limitations and implications of the proposed study are also discussed.


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