German Program Receives Award From The Halle Foundation

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The Halle Foundation has awarded the German program in the School of Modern Languages $236,503  to fund summer and semester abroad programs through the German Languages for Business and Technology (LBAT) program and programs with Georgia Tech partner universities in Germany.  

The three-year award also offers financial support through the Claus Halle Gateway scholarship and fellowship to help students move seamlessly from the Bachelor of Science program in German to studying for a master’s degree. 

The award from the Foundation, a long-time partner of the School’s German program, also will be used to provide funding for the Claus Halle Graduate Assistantship, which supports graduate students studying German.  

Interested in applying for German graduate studies, LBAT in Germany, or a semester-abroad scholarship? Visit the German program page

Britta Kallin and Jan Uelzmann, associate professors of German studies, received the funding.  

“The Halle Foundation has been a long-standing partner in our efforts to create and further diversify opportunities for our students to engage with German Studies here on campus and to further their language, intercultural and job-relevant skills in Germany,” said Uelzmann. “We are extremely grateful for the Halle Foundation’s generous funding that continues to help so many students make German an integral part of their global career plans.” 

The Claus Halle Graduate Assistantship supports graduate students pursuing a graduate degree in German. The Claus Halle Gateway Fellowship will support Georgia Tech undergraduates who want to transition directly into a master’s degree in German at Georgia Tech. The German LBAT program supported by The Halle Foundation combines immersive summer experiences in Düsseldorf, Munich, and Berlin with visits to German companies and industrial sites. 

Language and culture programs in the School of Modern Languages are sought out by students from across the Georgia Tech campus and support the Institute’s goal of educating global citizens and leaders who can improve the human condition through skills in the humanities. Programs such as those supported by The Halle Foundation are crucial to fostering global engagement that is essential to creating what Georgia Tech’s Office of the Vice Provost for International Initiatives calls the “conviction, social courage, and intercultural sensitivity needed to collaborate across geopolitical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries.” 

“Our students who travel to Germany to study with the help of The Halle Foundation benefit immensely in their educational experiences by making intercultural connections and immersing themselves in the German language and culture,” Kallin said. “These experiences help students learn more about German culture and create lifelong friendships with people there. So we’re thrilled the Halle Foundation is continuing its long-time support.” 

The School of Modern Languages offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies: B.S.-ALIS in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish and M.S.-ALIS  in French, German, and Spanish. The School also offers joint bachelor’s degrees with the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the School of Economics, and a joint master’s degree with the School of Literature, Media, and Communication. 

For more information on these degrees and other programs, visit the School’s website


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