DramaTech announces auditions for THE DIVINERS

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Thank you for considering auditioning for The Diviners! Please keep reading for more details on auditions and the show as a whole.

Director: Kyle Brumley

Stage Manager: Liza Young

Rehearsal Commitment: approx. 4 nights a week for 3-4 hours per night, beginning September 6th.

First Round video submissions due by Saturday, August 29th at midnight.

In-person callbacks August 30th and 31st


Tech Week: October 29th – November 2nd

Preview: November 3rd

Shows: November 4th-5th, November 10th-12th, November 17th-19th

Strike: November 20th

NOTES: Interested actors should prepare the corresponding sides for their preferred character(s), no matter the gender of that character assigned by the playwright. If your side has more than one character, it is highly recommended that you use an off-screen reader for those lines. Additionally, please complete the online questionnaire along with your video submission. If auditioning for more than one character, please include all takes in the same video file.

Please “Slate” at the beginning of your audition video in this fashion or something similar, “Hi my name is ___________, and I will be reading for the role(s) of XYZ”

**This production is also seeking TWO assistant directors who will also serve in a TBD understudy/swing track. For more information, please indicate your interest in the online questionnaire**

Sides: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U9dq5n-Xy5zBuA3B9zF5FJwi7tLqtr96/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111966713230016054502&rtpof=true&sd=true 

Please email Kyle Brumley at w.k.brumley@gmail.com with any questions.

Character Descriptions (Rural Indiana, 1931):

Buddy Layman: A boy, 17, who has the special gift to find water. Suffers from brain damage due to a drowning accident where he lost his mother. Very curious but is sometimes frightened when learning about different things. Buddy’s extreme aversion to water leaves him chronically dirty and riddled with ringworm. Concerning his physical and mental impediments, Buddy is not modeled after any specific emotional or physical disorder.

C.C. Showers: A 30-year-old former preacher battling their own demons who befriends Buddy. C.C. and Jennie Mae have an attraction that ends as quickly as it begins due to major age differences.

Ferris Layman: Buddy’s father and the local mechanic in Zion. Short tempered and hesitant to do anything that might cause Buddy anguish, even if it is for his own good.

Jennie Mae Layman: Buddy’s patient and caring sister, who is 16 years old. She fills the maternal role of her family. She has a crush on C.C. Showers.

Basil Bennett: A farmer who relies on Buddy’s abilities and is an amateur doctor. He is the one who diagnoses Buddy’s problems. Married to Luella.

Luella Bennett: Basil’s wife who doubts Buddy’s abilities, but nevertheless tries to learn how his abilities work. Norma Henshaw: The owner of the Dry Goods Store. She wants the church back in Zion. She thinks the preacher’s arrival is a sign from God.

Goldie Short: The owner of the Dine Away Cafe. Agrees with Norma about C.C.’s arrival.

Darlene Henshaw: Norma’s niece. Imaginative and charismatic. She has a rebellious streak that fights her Aunt’s rules but loves her Aunt. She sneaks off to dance with Dewey.

Melvin Wilder: Basil’s farmhand who helps Dewey ask Darlene out to the dance. He is older and takes Dewey under his wing. He teaches Dewey to be “suave.”

Dewey Maples: Basil’s farmhand. He is young and naive. He looks to Melvin as his “older brother.”


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