Roberta Shapiro Wins 2022 Haley Fellowship

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Herbert P. Haley Fellowship

This graduate fellowship recognizes significant accomplishments and outstanding academic achievements for students at Georgia Tech.

Recent Winners of the Haley Fellowship include:

  • Chris Dupre (2022) 
  • Ian Lewis (2021 while an MS student)
An Interview with Roberta Shapiro

By Dan Margalit

Roberta has written three papers on quite different topics within the theory of mapping class groups. As an undergraduate, she was a co-author on a paper called “Automorphisms of the k-curve graph.” This paper was completed as part of the Summer@ICERM program. The project pushes in a new direction the metaconjecture of Ivanov, which says that any graph naturally associated to a surface should have automorphism group isomorphic to the mapping class group. There are many papers on this topic. This is only the second one that deals with infinitely many different graphs for each surface.

More broadly, Roberta has been a leader in the graduate program as a whole. She has volunteered for more panels than I can count. She and Katherine Booth have also been working hard to revitalize the AWM chapter in SoM. She has mentored a first year student two years in a row. She also is organizing the Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference at Georgia Tech in a few weeks. This is a high profile, annual national conference.


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