High School Math Competition 2022

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The 2022 High School Math Competition took place online on April 30.

A total of 69 students from 18 different schools participated in the event, including a handful of international participants. The event was organized by SoM graduate student Trevor Gunn, together with 10 volunteers who assisted in running the event.

Some sample problems from the event included:

  1. Find all prime numbers p such that p + 28 and p + 50 are also primes.
  2. How many binary strings are there of length 10 which do not contain either '101' or '010' as a substring?

All of the problems - and solutions! - are posted on the HSMC website https://hsmc.gatech.edu/exams for anyone interested in seeing what the participants were up against.

The top five scores in each category were:

Top 5 (Multiple Choice)

  1. Eric Sun from Alpharetta High School
  2. Hwidong Jeon from Chattahoochee High School
  3. Cyrus Zhou (not on the registration list)
  4. Edward Ju from Chattahoochee High School

and a 5-way tie for 5th place

  • Ashley Lu (Alpharetta High School)
  • Ethan Chen (Wheeler High School)
  • Christopher Lee (not registered)
  • Emily Abigail Schierts (Forsyth Central High School)
  • Richard Kang (Wheeler High School)

Top 5 (Proofs)

  1. Daniel Lin (Walton High School)
  2. Zinnun Malikov (not registered)
  3. Sagnik Nandi (South Forsyth High School)
  4. Emily Abigail Schierts (Forsyth Central High School
  5. Christopher Lee (not registered)


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