2011 Faculty/Staff Honors Recipients

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A lot has happened in the years since 1986. The first cell phone was invented, the concorde made its last commercial flight, Tech appointed its first female deans — and this year’s 66 25-year service award winners began working for Georgia Tech. These faculty and staff members, along with 216 10-year service award winners and other faculty/staff award recipients, were recognized at the annual Honors Luncheon, held on April 19. Congratulations to the following honorees: 

Administrative Service Award
Maria Hunter, Information Technology

Recognition of the Georgia Tech Chapter Sigma Xi Awards

Young Faculty Awards
Hyesoon Kim, Computer Science
Cheng-Yun Karen Liu, Interactive Computing

Faculty Best Paper Awards
Mark R. Prausnitz, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cheng Zhu, Biomedical Engineering

Sustained Research Award
Dewey H. Hodges, Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Research Awards

Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Advisor
Paul E. Hasler, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development
Mark R. Prausnitz, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Outstanding Faculty Research Author
Christopher W. Jones, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Outstanding Faculty Leadership for the Development of Graduate Research Assistants
Thomas Orlando, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation
Henrik I. Christensen, Interactive Computing

ANAK Award 
Doug Flamming, History, Technology and Society

Outstanding Staff Performance Awards
Andrea S. C. Be, Civil and Environmental Engineering                                                  
Kathy B. Cheek, Interactive Computing
Nancy M. Gimbel, Undergraduate Programs Management                                          
Angela L. Hicks, Mechanical Engineering
Julia M. Sonnenberg-Klein, Georgia Tech-Savannah       

CETL Undergraduate Educator Awards
Klara J. Grodzinksy, Mathematics
Wayne E. Whiteman, Mechanical Engineering 

CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

Michael A. Filler, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Eric M. Overby, Management

Academic Advisor Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Primary Role
Lindsay A. Green, Management

Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Faculty
Amy V. D’Unger, History, Technology and Society

Faculty Honors Committee Awards

Class of 1940 W. Roane Beard Outstanding Teacher
Carrie G. Shepler, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Class of 1940 W. Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award
Steven M. Potter, Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Service Award
Barbara J. Ericson, Interactive Computing
Mark Guzdial, Interactive Computing

Outstanding Professional Education Award
David M. Collard, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor (Faculty) Award
Melissa L. Kemp (Junior), Biomedical Engineering
Ozlem Ergun (Senior), Industrial and Systems Engineering

Class of 1934 Outstanding Innovative Use of Education Technology Award
Ashwin Ram, Interactive Computing

Class of 1934 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Activity Award
Craig A. Tovey, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Class of 1934 Distinguished Professor Award
Mark Hay, Biology

25-Year Service Awards

  • Victoria Anderson, Information Technology
  • Dinal S. Andreasen, GTRI
  • Vernice Bailey, Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Ephraim A. Bassey, Financial Services
  • Gretchen E. Belgum, Distance Learning and Professional Education
  • Barbara Blackbourn-Jansma, Modern Languages
  • Tony G. Blalock, Facilities
  • Terry C. Blum, Management
  • Willie Mae Brooks, Housing
  • Beverly J. Burton, Architecture
  • Katharine L. Calhoun, Library
  • J. Michael Cathcart, GTRI
  • Jung Ho Choi, Biology
  • Joanne Cook, Mathematics
  • Bruce L. Crumbley, Facilities
  • John E. Doss, GTRI
  • Andrew D. Dugenske, Manufacturing Research Center
  • Paul Edmonds, Biology
  • Arthur J. Ford, Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Diana L. Fouts, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kathryn Muir Friedman, Sciences
  • Darrell K. Garner, Physics
  • Gary G. Gimmestad, GTRI
  • Michael Thomas Glynn, Information Technology
  • John W. Graham, Mechanical Engineering
  • Robin Lynne Greene, Information Technology
  • Fakhri Haghani, Library
  • James G. Hampton, GTRI
  • Lorrie S. Harrah, Facilities
  • Adrienne J. Harrington, GTRI
  • Patricia M. Head, Sponsored Programs
  • Debra Peevy Hobbs, Sponsored Programs
  • Dewey H. Hodges, Aerospace Engineering
  • Joseph L. A. Hughes, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Narayanan Jayaraman, Management
  • Charles A. Jenkins, Information Technology
  • Janusz Kowalik, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • David N. Ku, Mechanical Engineering
  • Taffie L. Maynard, Facilities
  • Patrick J. McKenna, Risk Management
  • David L. Moore, Sciences
  • Richard Odom, GTRI
  • Edward R. Omiecinski, Computer Science
  • Tina Lovina Payne, Professional Practice
  • Samuel O. Piper, GTRI
  • Kathy S. Plummer, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Kimsey T. Pollard, Microelectronics Research Center
  • Morris Power, Post Office
  • Umakishore Ramachandravn, Computer Science
  • Barbara A. Rodgers, Architecture
  • Waymond R. Scott, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • James E. Seals, Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Brian L. Shirley, GTRI
  • Jeffrey J. Sitterle, GTRI
  • Richard Steele Jr., Student Center
  • Wilbert Stewart, GTRI
  • Gordon L. Stuber, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Elizabeth M. Thomas, Library
  • H. Venkateswaran, Computer Science
  • Teresa A. Vinson, Biology
  • Chester L. Woodard, Facilities
  • Tracy S. Woods, GTRI
  • Donald E. Woodyard, Chemistry and Biochemistry 



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