Alumni Honor Retired German Professor With Scholarship

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Two new endowed scholarships aim to support tomorrow's leaders through what their sponsors describe as critical experiences at Georgia Tech. Kelly Kloster Hon, ME 2011, M.S. ME 2012, and Ryan Paul Hon, NRE 2011, M.S. NRE 2013, Ph.D. NRE 2016, have funded the Dr. Bettina F. Cothran Scholarship and the Dr. Carole E. Moore Scholarship, named after two of Kelly's Georgia Tech mentors.

"We wanted to support programs we are connected to, so we saved our money over the years in order to create these long-term, personal investments for Georgia Tech," Kelly said.

The Dr. Bettina E. Cothran endowment honors the professor for her exemplary teaching skills, her dedication to graduating good global citizens, and her leadership of the German Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) program. Kelly, who participated in the program, said Cothran "taught with a well-rounded approach to language learning, not the same exercises over and over, while incorporating culture, history, and current events." The need-based scholarship is for engineering students who wish to participate in the German LBAT program but lack the means to do so.

"I valued the program's incorporation of business and technology with language and culture
learning," Kelly said. "The summer I spent living and studying in Germany included visits to several German manufacturing facilities. It really opened my eves to alternative professional paths I hadn't considered before."

The Dr. Carole E. Moore endowment honors Moore for her work with and for women students and her exemplary leadership in women's advocacy at Georgia Tech. Moore served as an advisor to Georgia Tech's Society of Women Engineers (SWE) section when Kelly was the treasurer.

"She coached and encouraged our section leadership. We had the largest region
budget because she made sure we had sufficient and sustainable funding," Kelly said.

Thanks to Moore's leadership, funding was in place "both to execute her programs and to sponsor as many students as possible to attend the annual and regional SWE conferences
each year." The merit-based scholarship is for the top academic WE member pursuing mechanical engineering and is designed to recognize academic excellence while supporting the advancement of women in STEM fields. Kelly remains active in SWE today as
the San Diego section president, where she empowers women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders

The Hons live in Southern California, where she is a research and development manager for Becton Dickinson, a global medical technology company, and he is a nuclear engineer for General Atomics. a defense and diversified technologies company.

"My husband and I benefited a lot from our time at Georgia Tech," Kelly said. "These two mentors and the programs they valued helped shape me into the change-maker I am today. They ensured that I had a diverse global perspective, varied academic experiences, a strong
network, and a passion to give back to help the next generation. Ryan and I hope that these two scholarships will help mold their recipients into passionate, empathetic, generous global leaders."

This article was originally published in the Winter 2022 edition of Georgia Tech's Philanthropy Quarterly.


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