Student Spotlight: Grace Pietkiewicz

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Name: Grace Pietkiewicz

Major: Literature, Media, and Communication (threads: Literature & Communication)

Minor: German, Technology & Business

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023

Hometown: Brookhaven

Favorite class: African American Literature

Favorite professor: Susana Morris and Kathrin Koppe

Internships/clubs: Club Tennis Social Chair, Phi Mu Fraternity, Denning Technology & Management Program, NASA Astrophysics Intern, CommScope Technical Sales Intern, College of Sciences Communications Assistant, Stride Ahead Inc Social Media Manager


Why did you choose to study LMC at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech provides a unique technical and modernized lens to approach anything from classical literary tradition to gender studies from. By drawing parallels between themes in literature and modern implications, I’ve gained a unique understanding on the various fabrics that encompass our society. Through LMC, I can gain a vast array of skills and learn engaging content in the liberal arts college, while also being surrounded by cutting edge technology and research. This is a unique skill, as I am comfortable working among scientific material and those who do not enjoy communication, and act as a unique mediator between technical and colloquial material. Furthermore, LMC is completely customizable so you can choose the classes you are most interested in to support your future career plans and passions.

What’s the coolest research/project/initiative/event you’ve worked on in LMC?

For my project last semester in my African American Literature class with Dr. Susana Morris, I was able to create a podcast with a team on environmental racism from a feminist lens. The assignment helped me dive deeply into the subject and learn how to use new sound recording materials. Additionally, I am studying abroad in Berlin this semester and was able to use the knowledge gained in that class to inform a presentation on a similar topic — this time, in German!


How does a degree from LMC contribute to your life plans?

I’m not sure where my path after Georgia Tech will take me. However, I plan to graduate and work in sales, project management, consulting, or similar role in a modern technology workforce. Eventually I may return to school and consider a career in the public sector or higher education. Either way, LMC has helped me learn practical writing, presenting, analytical, and communication skills that will set me up to be a strong asset in any role I may choose.


What has been your biggest challenge at Georgia Tech, and how did you overcome it?

I came into Georgia Tech unsure of how I would fit in as a liberal arts student at a technical school. I lacked confidence in my abilities and my intelligence in comparison to engineers who I saw as much smarter than me. However, I have identified and grown my own skills at Tech and grown confidence in my strengths. 


What is the biggest change you see in yourself now from when you started at Georgia Tech?

I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to be competitive in the workplace and find a job that will fulfill and challenge me. I was so scared about the job prospects for liberal arts students, but at Tech I have been able to take advantage of career resources and advice from older students to set myself up for a career I am excited about.


What is your greatest achievement since coming to Georgia Tech?

The many friends I’ve been able to meet and the different opportunities I’ve tried. I’ve met some of the closest people in the world to me and we’ve completed great adventures together — for example, every October since freshman year, I’ve gone camping in the Smoky Mountains with friends from campus!


What’s your favorite spot on campus and why?

The hammocks in the eco-commons. On a dark night you can see the stars!

What has been your favorite/most memorable moment in LMC?

I loved Hallie Liebermann’s class my freshman year of college and looked forward to class every week. We always had amazing discussions and I was introduced to totally new material about communications and journalism.


What advice would you give to incoming students in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication?

Talk to older students, advisors, and professors whenever you have questions, or even just to say hi. These are the resources that will give you the best advice out there and set you up for a successful time at Tech. Plus, the more people you know, the more you join a community!

Also, study abroad if you can! I am currently studying abroad at the Freie Universitaet of Berlin. I had to be patient to study abroad, but my time in Berlin improved my German skills monumentally and allowed me to meet inspiring professors and friends. Before my classes started, I traveled around Spain independently as well and was able to be exposed to a new culture and have unique experiences by myself. If you’re willing to put in the time and patience, studying abroad can be a reality and — I’m not going to say it changed my life — but it sure has taught me a lot about myself.


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